Whitewater kayaks


Our range of whitewaterkayaks contains of Riverrunners, Creekers, fast kayaks for boatercross races and the world famous whitewater double-seater. All of these kayaks are meant to be used on whitewater from class 1 to 6, depending on the shape and volume of the kayak, the weight and skills of the paddler. Prijon whitewater kayaks are available in two versions: PRO - for an excellent contact to the boat and a far better control over the kayak while demanding athletic use. The bottom rail in combination with sturdy and lightweight foam pillars in the front and rear provides the already very durable HTP-shell with even more rigidity. And SPORT - an economical version with simplified equipment and lower overall weight.


All of our whitewaterkayaks are made of HTP and are "Made in Germany"




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