You want to paddle fast in whitewater? You want to sit in an agile kayak? Then the COCAINE PR-X is the right one for you!


It will make you paddle unbelievably fast and after one paddle you will be addicted to paddling. We also put the focus on toughness and durability, with a proven hull and quality parts that will last for endless boofs and every rock-ride, because when you’re going big, you have to trust your kayak.


We stand aloof from drugs. Because paddling with the Cocaine PR-X is addictive and not harmful!


Its length of 275 cm and its long waterline make it fast, the flat bottom offers excellent agility. Adapted for the needs of paddlers looking for a fast whitewater kayak and for participants in boatercross races. 



PR-X seat-system

The Prijon PR-X seating system sets new standards in terms of comfort and light weight!



Our new whitewater seat system consists of a bottom rail, a superlight and ergonomically shaped foam seat and optimized 3-D thigh braces. The super-light and precisely shaped foam seat gives you stable support and a comfortable seat. It's attached to the bottom of the boat using market-leading technology and you can easily reposition it in a few simple steps. The form-fit both with the lateral foam wedges and the bottom rail guarantees a secure hold of the seat in the boat. This injection-molded floor rail with fiberglass reinforcement, together with the foam domes in front and rear, additionally reinforce the robust HTP hull.

A maximum of contact and comfort is offered by the optimized 3-D thigh braces. These are now even lighter, offer more space in the boat, as the leg position is less stretched, and give you a great paddling experience without compromise.

You can perfectly adjust this system to your needs with the help of these instructions.



The COCAINE in action on the Saalach river: 



Made in Germany


#151651 bright-green

#131651 red


Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    275 cm

  • Width

    65 cm

  • Weight

    20 kg

  • Cockpit

    L (86 x 53 cm)

  • Volume

    305 L

  • Paddlerweight

    65 - 95 kg


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
  • > Bottom rail
  • > Foam domes
  • > Throwbag fixation

Our idea is to promote against the real drugs. Real drugs, like cigarettes for example, have to print ugly, disgusting and warning pictures, warning against cancer and dependence on their packaging.

People buy nevertheless and consume and expose themselves to exactly those risks. But if people use the kayak Cocaine they do consume nothing else than healthy fun and yes, dependence, that`s what it should say.

The goal is exactly to show that there are “drugs” which are healthy. 
And it is obvious, that a kayak does not motivate for consuming real drugs instead.


We represent a sports company, standing for a healthy and sportive lifestyle. Our new kayak is evidently to set the trend FOR the sport and nothing else.