Boats for beginners


Want to get into kayaking? Then one of our beginnerkayaks is the best choice for you. These kayaks are shaped very similar to the allrounders. They are tracking well and are easy to maneuver. Perfect for rookies and amateurs, but also in the business as a rentalkayak. They can be used as a touringkayak for day trips and short adventures. The Doublekayaks also work perfectly as Familykayaks. The essential difference to the Allrounders is the equipment of the boats. They have a more basic fitting with fewer waterproof storages and a simplified seat-system.


Therefore these boats are very well suited for short tours with small luggage or for kayak rental.


Specification and Characteristics


Classification according Application 



All of our beginner kayaks are made of HTP and "Made in Germany"



CustomLine CL 370 430 470 Relax 490 Cruiser Polyethylene Polyethylenekayak Beginnerkayak beginnerskayak beginner allroundkayak easy light kayak kayaking doublekayak singlekayak doubleseater tandem tandemkayak beginnertandem familykayak family children childrenkayak kid kidskayak kayakkids juniorkayak juniors overnight overnightrip kayaktrip familytrip lake lakepaddling lakekayaking easykayak kayakfun