Our range of transport goods offers you several possibilites and aids to make transporting and handling of your kayak easier. It starts with the loading of your kayak on the roof of your car. In any way, you need a roof rack, which fits your car. These roof racks are available at kayak and car dealers.


Vertical support bars offer you the possibility to transport several kayaks upright next to each other. The tiltable version enables you to leave the support bar on the rrof rack, even when druving through low vertical clearance.


J-bars take care of your kayak and transport it in a protecting way, as the bar has nearly the same shape as the kayak and spreads the pressure of the straps around the hull. 1/4-bars are both suitable for the transport of single- and double-seater kayaks and canoes.

To load the kayaks and canoes on the roof of the car the load assist can be a great help to make it easier for you. With this aid, even a single person can load heavy kayaks on the car.


All of our transport systems are "Made in Germany".


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