A high-volume and new-generation Creeker
with a lot of rocker in the bow and a sliced down stern.


Whitewater kayaking gets even better!



The big hull bottom and heavy rocker profile keep you sitting on top of the water and will get you boofing your way downstream.

Its length of 9 foot and a very dry running platform ensure a high speed, to safely arrow over retentive holes or to speed up in waves.


While the stern that starts with a little extra volume behind the seat to enable you paddling downstream with confidence, it slices down super thin at the end of the hull, allowing you to turn quickly on the spot and do playful maneuvers.


Medium paddlers till approx. 80 kg can use it as full-featured creeker, while large paddlers are able to paddle the BEAST like a high volume riverrunner.


During the development we placed importance to the ergonomics of the seat and perfectly matched the seat angle with the position and alignment of the thigh braces and the leg angle. You profit from this effort in the new PR-X seat system in your BEAST.

The centerpiece is the superlight foam seat, weighing only 200g! It cushions all hits, is antiskid, weighs little and conveys a direct feeling for the kayak together with the bottom rail.

You can perfectly adjust this system to your needs with the help of these instructions.


The new PR-X foam seat system combined with our indestructible HTP-hull results in an unbeatable light overall concept.


Maximum Control – Ultimate Grip: the freshly conceived, super robust handles are made of aircraft aluminum and anodized in magenta for a juicy finish! In cooperation with our team paddlers, the Prijon design team has created the best kayak handles you have ever had in hand. Immediately when grabbing handle, you perceive the locked-in-feeling, which is provided by the structured surface and which gives you maximum hold during extreme action.



New boat - new colors! The BEAST is available in vivid yellow, fresh turquoise and trendy bright-green.

Made in Germany




Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    274 cm

  • Width

    68 cm

  • Weight

    22 kg

  • Cockpit

    92 x 54 cm

  • Volume

    360 L

  • Paddlerweight

    60 - 120 kg


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
  • > Bottom rail
  • > Foam domes
  • > Throwbag fixation

PR-X seat-system


The Prijon PR-X seating system sets new standards in terms of comfort and light weight!


Our new whitewater seat system consists of a bottom rail, a superlight and ergonomically shaped foam seat and optimized 3-D thigh braces. The super-light and precisely shaped foam seat gives you stable support and a comfortable seat. It's attached to the bottom of the boat using market-leading technology and you can easily reposition it in a few simple steps. The form-fit both with the lateral foam wedges and the bottom rail guarantees a secure hold of the seat in the boat. This injection-molded floor rail with fiberglass reinforcement, together with the foam domes in front and rear, additionally reinforce the robust HTP hull.

A maximum of contact and comfort is offered by the optimized 3-D thigh braces. These are now even lighter, offer more space in the boat, as the leg position is less stretched, and give you a great paddling experience without compromise.

You can perfectly adjust this system to your needs with the help of these instructions.