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This is an overview about our new products for 2024.

Check this site regularly, to be always up to date.

Please be aware, that changes can be made.




Our most agile and at the same time fast seakayak with skeg – new for 2024 also available with a robust and lightweight hull made of PriLite!

The heavy rocker makes it very agile, especially when put on the egde. This agility combined with the high volume in front makes it your choice for multiday trips.

With the help of the skeg, the PriLite NEPTUN tracks well in all wind directions, but is very maneuverable when the skeg is drawn up,  making it incredible fun to paddle and to surf waves.

New for this kayak is an optional compass mounted in front of the front hatch, as well as a 2nd day hatch behind the cockpit.



A high-volume and new-generation Creeker with a lot of rocker in the bow and a stern with an optimized current stall. The design of this kayak enables you to realize advanced maneuvers, where you push the flat stern under water to raise the bow with its heavy rocker over waves and rollers.

We combined an optimized distribution of volume around the cockpit with a modern bottom to set the benchmark regarding safety, stability and resurfacing as well as gliding behavior.

A length of 9 foot and a very dry running bottom ensure a high speed, to safely arrow over retentive holes or to speed up in waves.

Medium paddlers till approx. 80 kg can use it as full-featured creeker, while large paddler are able to paddle the BEAST like a high volume riverrunner.

The new PR-X foam seat system combined with our indestructible HTP-hull results in an unbeatable light overall concept.


Length: 274 cm //  Width:  68 cm //  Volume: ca. 360 L

Weight: 20 kg (PR-X)

Paddlerweight: 60-120 kg



PR-X seat system


Seat system with bottom rail, superlight and ergonomically shaped foam seat and optimized 3-D thigh braces.


The comfortable foam seat is fixed to the inside of the bottom with a high performance hook and loop fastener. Its position can easily be changed with a flick of the wrist.


Lateral tight fit with foam keys left and right provide and ensure the footing of the seat in the kayak.           


The PR-X 3-D thigh braces are lighter, much easier to adjust, and offer more space in the kayak, as the leg position is less stretched.

FINNA carbon whitewater paddle


High-End whitewater paddle.


Carbon foam-core paddle with all round dynel edge and an increased blade to shaft offset.

The forward drop shape design gives a powerful catch and stabilizes powerful forward strokes through turbulent conditions.

Our new carbon-glassfiber hybrid-shaft with a double ovalization and slightly structured surface brings the extra grip and superior stability demanding whitewater paddlers ask for.

The combination of this shaft and the foam-core blade results in a very direct and efficient power transmission.


Weight: 950g

Blade size: 733 cm²

BORA, ESERA and RIM Ardeche


With aluminum-shaft and PaddLock-division


The established paddle models BORA and ESERA will be available with aluminum shaft both as a fixed length and with PaddLock division next season. The perfect choice for beginners and rental stations.


The RIM Ardeche touring paddle for beginners and rental station gets an upgrade: the established PaddLock division supersedes the push button division. Advantage: separable, adjustable in length, no rust.

NANO kid's paddle


The children's paddle NANO is a light and functional paddle that is tailored precisely to the needs of adolescents.

It is a combination of a thin fiberglass shaft and small, lightweight injection molded surfaces, with an excellent price-performance ratio.

For the first paddling strokes, a short trip across the lake or a multiday adventure.



Fittings for touring- and seakayaks #1


Hip pads for Tour-seat


Pads to reduce the seat width of the Tour-seat.
Fixation with hook and loop fastener.




Fittings for touring- and seakayaks #2


Additional distance parts for 3D-thigh brace


These adapters flatten the seat position. E.g. for smaller paddlers in large kayaks like SEATRON GT or TOURYAK 500. Comes as a set with matching screws.


Changes compared to 2023


Our whitewater kayaks COCAINE, PIKE and PIKE-Party will only be available in the new PR-X version in 2024.

The Sport-outfitting is no longer available for these three types.


The Curve Creek 3.5 is discontinued in both versions.