The new benchmark for Riverrunners!

Our PIKE combines playing, cruising and creeking in one boat.

Paddling fun "Made in Germany" - this is how it works!

The PIKE PR-X is a sporty river runner with an enormous fun factor. Thanks to its fast and agile shape, this boat combines the paddling dynamics of a riverrunner with the safety of a creeker.

It has enough rocker and volume to climb up over big holes, a sporty stern for a lot of fun, and a planing hull for when you find an inviting river wave.

The PIKE PR-X accelerates rapidly, reaches speed with just a few strokes, can be paddled on a line and or turned on the spot. In, through and out of eddies, surfing and carving becomes a real pleasure with it. The flat bottom impresses with a lot of guidance and speed and follows precisely every stroke. You can add eddies and waves to your line as smoothly as if you were sitting in a slalom boat. Plus: There's a lot of fun in the stern - it invites you to play. Thanks to its low volume, the new PIKE PR-X turns fast and super-simple and can easily be undercut. In the bow there is a lot of rocker, safety and volume for wild water. Besides all of its fun factors, it's also a serious WW kayak. When things get rough, the new PIKE PR-X always stays on top and dry thanks to its voluminous and strongly curved bow.




PR-X seat-system

The Prijon PR-X seating system sets new standards in terms of comfort and light weight!

Our new whitewater seat system consists of a bottom rail, a superlight and ergonomically shaped foam seat and optimized 3-D thigh braces. The super-light and precisely shaped foam seat gives you stable support and a comfortable seat. It's attached to the bottom of the boat using market-leading technology and you can easily reposition it in a few simple steps. The form-fit both with the lateral foam wedges and the bottom rail guarantees a secure hold of the seat in the boat. This injection-molded floor rail with fiberglass reinforcement, together with the foam domes in front and rear, additionally reinforce the robust HTP hull.

A maximum of contact and comfort is offered by the optimized 3-D thigh braces. These are now even lighter, offer more space in the boat, as the leg position is less stretched, and give you a great paddling experience without compromise.

You can perfectly adjust this system to your needs with the help of these instructions.




The PIKE PR-X convinces with great WW-potential and takes the paddling dynamics of a riverrunner to a new level, with the safety of a creeker.

With the functionality, comfort and design of modern boat building.





This is what our teampaddlers say about the PIKE:


"The Pike isn’t a normal flat stern boat for continuous stern squirting. It’s rather a playful boat with the volume where you need it! Doesn’t matter if you want to bring the tip with style in the air or take the maximum speed out of an eddy. Thanks to the pronounced box shape resulting in an increased buoyancy of the bottom, the PIKE feels stable and safe despite the smaller effective width. The perfect distribution of the volume makes the Pike amazingly stable even in pushing water and on sweeping water edges. If you lean forward a little bit, make two or three quick strokes and the boat flies downstream. A little counter-edging into an eddy, quickly turning on the spot and then the Pike fires you at the same speed to your next destination. Its round top makes the boat always resurface nice, straight and controlled, combined with the extra volume behind the seat you always take plenty of momentum. You also feel really comfortable in the poles. The pivot point resp. the pressure on the edge at the stern comes exactly as you know it from modern slalom boats. A perfect boat also for boater cross and extreme slalom. Whether in summer in the Ötztal or with little water on the Koritnica the Pike is simply fun!”


“The Pike is an awesome boat! Maneuverable, boofs super, fast.

I’m glad that the Pike is so narrow, because like this it’s easy to put it on the edge and I can easily handle it with my weight of 63 kg.

This may seem a bit tippy for some at the beginning, but you quickly get used to it!

For me, the flat tail is also an asset in whitewater, because I am much more agile and nimble. Goodbye counterstrokes.

The fact that you can also undercut it increases the fun factor considerably.

For me, a huge advantage of the Pike is also that the Pro version it weighs only 20 kg and the Sport version well under 20kg, which has a very positive effect on the paddling characteristics and also makes the way to / from the river feasible for everyone and much more pleasant.


For beginners it is a great boat to learn a clean technique and discover the fun of white water paddling.

Professionals are perfectly positioned with the Pike almost everywhere - I'm just wondering when I'll ever brush the dust off my creeker again.... ;-)”


"Finally, the kayak that I have been waiting for so long is here!

Slicey kayaks have become so popular, because they are just so fun! You won't get bored, even if the water level, or the river is not so interesting for your whitewater skills.

The Prijon Pike is such a fun boat, because it's a fast, stable, playable river runner with solid rocker, that goes through waves nicely and smooth. You can play on the super stable stern, or creek down on some serious class 4-5 rapids, because of the lenght of the boat. When I tried it in the beggining it felt a bit narrow, but I got used to it quickly, and now I'm enjoying the maneuverability and speed that the Pike can provide me on the whitewater. It's a super light kayak, the PRO version weights only 20kg!

We all know that Prijon plastic is the best, because of its blowmolded hull and it is important for that style of kayak to be hard and solid, if you want to play on the rocks and hiting bottoms with the stern...

For my home river Soča is the best kayak that I could have, and it became my number 1 choice. Now I'm using the creek boat just for really high water and multy day expeditions."


The new Pike - a real sportsman!

The new Pike is a great kayak, because it opens up new horizons, especially in light to moderate white water. The river with its waves becomes a new playground!

Beginners will appreciate it, because the slightly rounded edges in the bottom forgive a lot and its maneuverability also allows a quick course change.

Due to its agility and the controlled undercutting of the stern, eddys can be approached precisely, in order to get back into the main current with a pirouette.

Due to its slim boat hull, the Pike is quick and easy to turn, which allows for power-saving and agile paddling. The long rocker line in the lower hull lets you fly over anything, when surfing it guarantees to spend a mile or two on the crest of a wave.

Last but not least, pros will love the Pike especially in massive whitewater, as its speed and voluminous and optimized front offer a lot of reserves and excellent surfacing behavior.

My tip: get in, paddle, have fun!

Made in Germany




Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    273 cm

  • Width

    61 cm

  • Weight

    18 kg

  • Cockpit

    L (85 x 53 cm)

  • Volume

    250 L

  • Paddlerweight

    ca. 60 - 90 kg


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
  • > Bottom rail
  • > Foam domes
  • > Throwbag fixation

These accessories fit the PIKE:



Size 2 for the front

Size 7 for the rear



Pro-Safe whitewater spraydeck