Our touring and seakayaks are subdivided into 5 categories, in order to make the selection process easier.




Fast single seaters

Seakayaks and Touringkayaks. For lakes, the coast and the sea. HTP, PriLite, Glassfiber and Carbon-Aramid.





Touringkayaks and Crossover kayaks for rivers, lakes and calm coastal areas. Single seaters and Double seaters made of HTP, PriLite, Glassfiber or Carbon-Aramid.




Kayaks for beginners

For beginners and casual paddlers



Kayak for kids

Our Seayak Jr. is the perfect choice



Whitewater kayaks

For extreme trips in rivers




Tandemkayaks for the sea, lakes, the coast and rivers the sea. 

 The division is mainly made according to boat shape and purpose.


Regarding boat shape you can simplify:

long + slim = wobbly + fast

short + wide = stable + slow


Further distinctions can be made regarding the equipment of the kayak. If you are looking for a kayak for tours with luggage, then allround touring boats or fast single kayaks are better suited, as they have certain standards of equipment, like water-tight storage and perfectly adjustable seating position. 


The Infothek offers you a lot of data for your selection process.


But a basic rule is: Test first, then buy!

Here's a list of all of our dealers.