2B whitewater tandem

With our 2B kayaking becomes a team-sport!


Doesn’t matter if you want to explore the whitewater with your best friend, family or an unexperienced paddler – with this whitewater tandem paddling is double fun! Another ideal terrain for the 2B are kayak schools and rental stations.

The flat bottom combined with the firm edges and the heavy rocker guarantee its suitability for whitewater.


A new way to paddle whitewater in twos!




- Blowmolded HTP hull

- Whitewater PRO-seats with backbelt and ratches

- Bottom rail with fixation for throwbag

- Adjustable aluminium footbraces in front and rear

- Adjustable 3D thigh braces
- Bars and handles



Made in Germany




Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    372 cm

  • Width

    69 cm

  • Weight

    37 kg

  • Cockpit

    86 x 51 cm

  • Volume

    540 L

  • Capacity

    190 kg (2 paddlers)

  • Paddlerweight

    190 kg (2 paddlers)


Paddling like the adults! The separately available child seat consists of a foam cushion for the seat and the footplate. It enables your child to sit in a raised position and offers maximum comfort due to the reduced size of the seat and the shortened distance to the footplate. With this help, your child can see, paddle, and also be above the waves that come over the deck. The seat cushion is racked on the PRO-seat, fixed with the bands of the hip pads at the sides and can be further adjusted with the included foam pads. The cushion of the footplate is also racked, the footplate remains adjustable.


Art.No. 10000047