We offer a wide range of paddles for a lot of different fields of use. 

Touring- and seakayak-paddles have more longish and slim blades, while allround- and whitewater-paddles have shorter, reinforced and more wider blades.

Paddles for canoes and dragon boats have only one blade, but this blade is bigger compared to normale double bladed paddles.


Below you find all of our paddles listed in successive order.


This table on the right helps you to find the correct length of your seakayak, touring and beginner paddle. We recommend a paddle with PaddLock-division, so that you can choose the length and angle according to your wishes. Plus: thanks to the Paddlock-division, you can easily transport your paddle in the car or store it at home.

Width of kayak ⇒ 55 - 59cm 60 - 67cm > 68cm
Body height ⇓      
< 170cm 210 - 215cm 215 - 220cm 220 - 230cm
170 - 180cm 215 - 220cm 220 - 225cm 230 - 240cm
180 - 190cm 220 - 225cm 225 - 230cm 230 - 240cm
> 190cm 225 - 230cm 230 - 240cm 230 - 240cm

Paddle Kayak Canoe Dragonboat seakayak touring touringkayak whitewater allround carbon glassfiber grp RIM injection molded polyamid kayaking c1 paddlock divisible division spare SUP stand-up paddling raft rental rafting kornati borino hydra stream bora esera ardeche pazifik bambino kids children adult junior python kinetic kanus indian  vesuvio chiemsee leash adultpaddle juniorpaddle seakayakpaddle touringpaddle whitewaterpaddle allroundpaddle carbonpaddle blade carbonplade glassfiberblade carbonshaft glassfibershaft alushaft aluminiumshaft high angle low beginner advanced club rentalpaddle rafting indestructible lightweight