Party Pike

The ultimate play- and racemachine!


The Party Pike is our super-fast and enormously agile riverplay kayak with a super flat, playful stern!


It‘s extremely easy to undercut and to turn it on the spot.

On the river, it spins playfully through eddies, waves and rollers and knows how to use the river in style.


Thanks to this agility and playfulness, the Party Pike rides very smooth in whitewater and can be paddled by persons up to 85 kg.
Compared to the Pike, the stern of the Party Pike sits deeper in the water, has considerably less volume and a slimmer shape in side view.
This makes stern squirting much easier, especially for lighter paddlers.
And transforms this already snappy riverrunner in a perfect playmate and raceboat.


Your ticket for the party!


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Made in Germany


##PRO 101661

##SPORT 101662


Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    273 cm

  • Width

    61 cm

  • Weight

    PRO 20 kg / SPORT 18 kg

  • Cockpit

    L (85 x 53 cm)

  • Volume

    230 L

  • Paddlerweight

    ca. 60 - 85 kg


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
  • > Bottom rail
  • > Foam domes
  • > Throwbag fixation