Fast Single Kayaks


We offer a wide range of fast singleseater kayaks. From light Carbon-Aramide fitnesskayaks, to full equipped PriLite seakayaks and expedition-ready touringkayaks made of HTP. All of these boats are comparatively slim and long, which provides them with a high base speed and good tracking qualities.

Ideal for sporty and ambitious paddlers and faster tours.


Specification and Characteristics


Classification according Application


All of our kayaks made of HTP are "Made in Germany"



PriLite Aruna Grizzly Skegyak Neptun Senja Marlin Laminated Glassfiber Carbon Aramid Millenium Evo Proteus Barracuda RS Falcon Seayak 520 500 Classic Adventure Kayak adventurekayak seakayak expeditionkayak touringkayak carbonkayak glassfiberkayak fast plastickayak pekayak trainingkayak plastic polyethylene pe kayaking kayaktrip expedition expeditionkayaking tourkayak tourkayaking seakayakingadventures