An allroundkayak can be a touringkayak, a seakayak, a doublekayak or a riverkayak. We offer a wide range of allrounders, from beginnerkayaks to crossoverkayaks up to touringkayaks and seakayaks. This category of kayaks is ideal for a vast range of terrains, from rivers to coastal waters in calm conditions. It includes allrounders for luggage tours, for example the Touryak, agile kayaks for fast-moving rivers, like the Munga and various singeleaters and doubleseaters.


These boats have been constructed a bit shorter and wider to provide a higher level of base stability, which makes them also attractive for beginners.


Specification and Characteristics


Classification according Application




All of our kayaks made of HTP are "Made in Germany"




Prijon Munga Enduro 380 450 Touryak 500 470 Dayliner S L PriLite Narva Dayliner Duo Excursion Evo Poseidon Piave Yukon Doubleseater Tandem Doublekayak Tandemkayk Duokayak Familiykayak Allroundkayak Beginnerkayak Riverkayak Crossover Crossoverkayak Seakayak Seakayaking coastalkayak river singleseater one person kayak stable stability maneuverable easy everywhere overnight overnighttrip multiday multidaytrip Adventure Kayak adventurekayak seakayak expeditionkayak touringkayak carbonkayak glassfiberkayak fast plastickayak pekayak trainingkayak plastic polyethylene pe kayaking kayaktrip expedition expeditionkayaking tourkayak tourkayaking seakayakingadventures