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Since more than 60 years, we offer you a wide range of kayaks with a model for any man. Simple and keen beginner kayaks, sporty allrounders for lakes and rivers and fast single seaters for open waters. Our double seaters are perfect for families and couples!






 Stylish, sporty and comfortable!
Our brand new medium to high volume

multi-day sea kayak

for medium to larger paddlers.

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In our kayak factory in Rosenheim we develop, assemble and test our kayaks. Our passion for kayaking is expressed in our kayaks. We’re proud of producing in our home Bavaria, being close to the majority of our customers and being able to safeguard jobs in the long term. We’re also consequently trying to source our carefully selected parts locally to support domestic producers and to meet ecological requirements. Our HTP is recyclable, very durable and the used colors are free of heavy metals. You’ll feel our passion, when using our kayaks.


Our material has by far the highest strength values of all polyethylenes used in the kayak business.

The equipment of our kayaks is ergonomically optimized and field testet.



Our HTP is 100% recyclable. Lifetime redemption-guarantee for all hulls in Germany and Austria.



Our production in Germany secures jobs. Our suppliers are located as close as possible to the production.



Together with our experienced team we develop up-to-date kayaks. New products are intensively tested before they go into production.

At Prijon the boss himself is testing.



Laptop and Lederhosen suit us. Our main goal is to produce kayaks in home Bavaria and we're proud of it!