Esera Paddle


The robust allround-paddle "ESERA" consists of a glassfiber shaft and an injectionmolded blade with a slight mid rib. The perfect combination for beginners and advanced paddlers as well as rental stations. Best value for money!


Its bigger and wider and at the same time laterally radiused, asymmetric blade is made for the use with allround-kayaks and works well with all kinds of touring kayaks on lakes and rivers.

The chamfered, big blade immediately generates a lot of pressure, which results in an enormous propulsion, while it stays stable in the water,  without flattering. This enables you to optimally transmit your power! 


We are using a dry impact resistant polyamide 6 with UV stabilizers, enriched with approx. 35% glass fibre, providing the paddle blade with a high level of rigidity and very high impact resistance.


The glassfiber shaft is enormously light and comfortable to use.


Available in two colors: mango and blue, with or without PaddLock-division.



Made in Germany





Technical Data
  • Length

    210 - 240cm


Model Color Division Lengths Art.Nr.
ESERA mango   A 359000
ESERA mango Paddlock Paddlock 359000TS
ESERA blue   A 360000
ESERA blue Paddlock Paddlock 360000TS

Blade surface: approx. 696cm²

Blattgröße: follows


Weight at 215 cm:

  • Esera: from 970 g
  • Esera Paddlock: from 1050 g


Available lengths:

A - 215, 220, 225, 230 und 240cm

PaddLock - 210, 220, 230cm und 240cm