Hydra Paddle

Lightweight touring- and seakayak paddle for powerful paddlers


The large sized blades of the Hydra paddle come with a foam core which makes them very stiff. It works both with a low- and high angle paddling technique. The shape of the blades enables you to an optimized power transmission, a variety of different paddle strokes is possible. Thanks to the low weight of the blades, an energy-saving endurance oriented paddling is possible, too.


Available in Glassfiber (2 colors: red & yellow) and carbon, fixed - adjustable and bent shaft is possible.




Made in Europe




Model Material Shaft Division Color Weight Art.Nr. Price in € Lengths
HYDRA Glassfiber straight   red from 940g 326000 250,00 A
HYDRA Glassfiber straight   yellow from 940g 328000 250,00 A
HYDRA Glassfiber straight PaddLock red   326000TS 290,00 PaddLock
HYDRA Glassfiber straight PaddLock yellow   328000TS 290,00 PaddLock
HYDRA  Carbon straight    Carbon from 860g 323000 320,00 A
HYDRA  Carbon straight PaddLock  Carbon   323000TS 360,00 PaddLock
HYDRA  Carbon  bent    Carbon   323000E 470,00 A
HYDRA  Carbon bent  PaddLock  Carbon   323000ETS 510,00 PaddLock

Blade size: 48 x 20 cm // 720cm²


Available lenths:

A - 215, 220, 225, 230 and 240cm

PaddLock - 210, 220, 230and 240cm



Weight under reserve.