Bora Paddle

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The nicely shaped BORA paddle is an economical version of the profiled touring paddles. It consists of a glassfiber shaft and injection molded blades. The perfect combination for beginners, advanced paddlers and rental stations. Its profiled blade is easy to paddle, doesn't flatter and guarantees an optimum power transmission.


We are using a dry impact resistance polyamide 6 with UV stabilizers, enriched with approx. 35% glass fibre, giving the paddle blade a high level of rigidity and very high impact resistance.


Its glassfiber shaft is very light and comfortable at hand. Glassfiber has the same temperature as your hand on the shaft. Therefore the paddleshaft always feels as comfortable warm as your hand.


Available in two colors and two versions. Fixed length paddles are neither modifiable in their length nor divisible. Versions with Paddlock can be divided and modifiable in their length up to 10cm as well as 360° in their angle.



Made in Germany





Technical Data
  • Length

    210 - 240cm

  • Weight

    from 970g


Model Color Division Lengths Art.Nr.
BORA mango   A 355000
BORA mango Paddlock Paddlock 355000TS
BORA blue   A 358000
BORA blue Paddlock Paddlock 358000TS

Blade size: 51,5 x 18 cm


Weight at 215 cm:

  • Bora: from 970 g
  • Bora Paddlock: from 1050 g


Available lengths:

A - 215, 220, 225, 230 and 240cm

PaddLock - 210, 220, 230 and 240cm