High End paddles to be used in easy up to heavy whitewater. Whitewater-paddles have shorter, reinforced and more wider blades and combine an enormous amount of stability, low weight and highest possible precision. For precise paddle strokes without flattering. Our wildwater paddles offer you modern, well-balanced designs and the best possible carbon and glassfiber types and resins. Ambitious paddlers love the long life and the durability of our paddles.



Agility and the possibility to react fast are key when paddling in whitewater. That's why you choose the length of your whitewaterpaddles a bit shorter than touring- or seakayak paddles.

This table helps you to find the perfect length of your whitewater paddle. Please keep in mind, that this table is just a recommendation. The best way to find your length is to visit your local Prijon dealer for a consultation.


Body height Leght of paddle
< 150 cm 190 cm
150 - 160 cm 190 - 195 cm
160 - 170 cm 195 - 197,5 cm
170 - 180 cm 197,5 - 200 cm 
180 - 190 cm 200 - 202,5 cm
190 - 200 cm 202,5 - 205 cm
> 200 cm 207,5 cm