NANO Children paddle

Begin your adventure


Whether for the first paddling strokes, a short trip across the lake or an extended hiking trip - the children's paddle NANO is a light, functional paddle that is tailored precisely to the needs of adolescents.


The NANO is a combination of a thin fiberglass shaft and small,

lightweight injection molded surfaces, with an excellent price-performance ratio.


The smaller, profiled surface lies stable in the water when paddling, does not flutter and thus enables optimal power transmission.

The thin fiberglass shaft with a diameter of 27mm is extremely light and sits comfortably in the hand. The shaft fits ideally into the hands of little adventurers and offers the best grip for all-day excursions. Fiberglass always takes the temperature of the hand on the shaft and does not conduct the cold of the water. This means the NANO paddle always feels light and warm in your hand.

Because we know how quickly children become teenagers, we have optionally equipped the NANO with a padlock division with up to 10 cm length adjustment. This means the paddle can grow with you.

For the paddle blade we use a dry-impact polyamide 6 with UV stabilization, enriched with approx. 35% glass fiber content. This makes the paddle blade very stiff, light and impact-resistant!

Slightly differend colors on the blade left and right make it easier for the Kids to hold the paddle in the correct position.

Made in Germany





Weight 890 g on a length of 190cm one piece version

Shaft diameter 27 mm

Blade size 598 cm²


Available length one piece version:

180cm to 210cm in steps of 5cm


Available length two piece version with PaddLock system:

180 - 190 cm

190 - 200 cm

200 - 210 cm