PR-X  seat system


The Prijon PR-X seating system sets new standards in terms of comfort and light weight!

It significantly reduces the overall weight of the boat and gives you a great paddling experience without compromises.

These instructions guide you through the perfect adjustment of the PR-X seat system to your needs.

During the development we placed importance to the ergonomics of the seat and perfectly matched the seat angle with the position and alignment of the thigh braces and the leg angle.


The centerpiece is the superlight foam seat, weighing only 200g! It cushions all hits, is antiskid, weighs little and conveys a direct feeling for the kayak together with the bottom rail.


 This superlight and precicesly shaped seat system is a safe support and let's you sit comfortable.


You can easily reposition it in a few simple steps. A mark on the bottom rail supports you during finding you optimal seating position.


The form-fit both with the lateral foam wedges and the bottom rail guarantees a secure hold of the seat in the boat.

The padded back band can be adjusted with ratchets and optimally supports your torso.


Maximum lateral hold to prevent you from shifting and a best possible support of your power transmission is provied by the large hip pads.


A maximum of contact and comfort is offered by the optimized 3-D thigh braces. These are now even lighter, offer more space in the boat, as the leg position is less stretched, and give you a great paddling experience without compromise.

This injection-molded floor rail with fiberglass reinforcement, together with the foam domes in front and rear, additionally reinforce the robust HTP hull.


You can attach your throwbag, first-aid-kit and drinking bottle in front of and behind seat.

A notch in the front foam dome supports you when carrying the kayak on your shoulder.


You can adjust both the length of the aluminum footplate with foam padding, by using the lateral bolting, as well as the width of the plate, to adapt it to your needs and the width of the kayak.


The PR-X seat system is available as a standard in the models "BEAST", "PARTY PIKE", "PIKE" and "COCAINE".


With these instructions it's super easy to adjust the system to your individual needs.