Prilite Marlin

The PriLite Marlin is a fast, well-tracking and lightweight seakayak!


It’s elegant, stretched lines make it an ideal boat for travelling. Safe forward gliding, fast changes in direction using the edges of the boat, everything can be done in a safe and precise manner. Flat angles on the lateral areas make the boat very manageable and provide an optimum of stability.



Shiny! Our MARLIN in the colours of green and orange metallic are especially eye-catching due to their metallic effect. 



For PriLite boats, the ABS-combination plates, sealed with UV-resistant perspex, are pulled into the hot moulds, which have a temperature of approximately 80 degrees, in a computerized process, using heat and vacuum. The upper and lower parts of the boat are inseparably joined together by a double-sided U-profile. This profile additionally strengthens the sides of the kayak against impact. The mounting of deck mountings and interior fittings are thoroughly done by hand, as on all Prijon boats. Advantages: PriLite boats are approx. 20% lighter than comparable kayaks made of HTP. At the same time there is a clear advantage regarding stability compared to GFK or Carbon/Aramide.


Repairs/Care: Supeficial scratches can be polished off with a special XERAPOL paste, available in specialized shops. Larger repairs are made with Epoxi. The inside of the boat should not be permanently exposed to sun (store upside down!).


+ Lighter than HTP
+ More sturdy than GRP/Carbon Aramide
+ Optical highlight because of the metallic surface
- More susceptible to mechanical stress than HTP




Made in Europe




Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    530 cm

  • Width

    58 cm

  • Weight

    23 kg

  • Cockpit

    3 (88cm)

  • Volume

    375 Liter

  • Capacity

    140 kg

  • Paddlerweight

    80-115 kg

  • Storage front

    58 Liter

  • Storage back

    122 Liter


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
  • > Deck-Box
  • > Perimeter line
  • > Steering Mountings