PriLite kayaks

 Prilite is a thermoformed, robust ABS-material. Solid, lightweight and easy to repair! 

For the production of PriLite boats, the ABS-plates, sealed with UV-resistant perspex, are pulled into the hot mould. The mold has a temperature of approximately 80 degrees and pulles the plates in a computerized process, using heat and vacuum. Top and bottom of the boat are inseparably joined together by a double-sided U-profile. This profile additionally strengthens the sides of the kayak against impact. The mounting of deck  and interior fittings are thoroughly done by hand, as on all Prijon boats.

Advantages: PriLite boats are approx. 20% lighter than comparable kayaks made of HTP. At the same time there is a clear advantage regarding stability compared to GFK or Carbon/Aramide. More info about the PriLite-material here.


We offer five single seater kayaks made of PriLite: Two shorter and easy to handle allrounders and three seakayaks.

PriLite kayaks are available in three wonderful colors: green-metallic, orange-metallic and pearlwhite-metallic.

The top of PriLite-kayaks is always colored, the bottom is always white.