Load assist

Loading your kayak made easy with PRIJON's load assist! Fits every roof rack and is easy to handle, even for smaller persons.


Who doesn't have this problem? The boat is heavy and the cars are getting higher and higher. Many paddlers are being put off the sport due to the sometimes very energy-consuming handling. The PRIJON load assist makes it possible for one person to load a kayak without any extra help. The load strap prevents the kayak from slipping backwards. The bow is placed on the extension, the stern lifted on the rack. Push the extension in, strap down the boat, done!


The most important advantages:


You never have to carry the whole weight of the boat. There is no more difficult balancing to do. Even smaller persons can now easily load the boat onto the car roof.


The load assist can be mounted on most common bars. It fits square bars, bars with groove on top and/or bottom. The load assist sits behind the front bar in a position protected from the airstream.

All needed parts and an instruction manual come with the load assist.


Fits on every roof rack

Easy handling, also for smaller persons

Lifting capacity up to 60 kg!



Instruction for Assembly


Measurements of the load assist:

Pushed together: 110cm

Extended state: 178cm


Made in Germany