CustomLine CL 470 Relax

Paddling-fun for the whole family!

The CustomLine CL 470 RELAX is an open double-seater for families and rental stations.


Its main characteristics are a very high stability and easy handling.

The combination of a length of 470cm and a moderate rocker enables the CL-RELAX for the sea, lakes and smaller tighter waters.



An optional child’s seat can be added fast and will transform the CL470 into an ideal family-kayak. 




Art.Nr.: 90428


 > How to affix the seat? <




The big cockpit offers an easy entry and exit. Our tour-seat with the new, high CustomLine-backrest guarantees a comfortable sitting position.


In the full-version, the front seat can be fixed in a centric position and is therefore usable as single-paddler-position. By this, you can also paddle the CL 470 RELAX alone.



Thanks to the different configurations everything's possible - from a lightweight and low priced basic model to full equipped touring kayak.



The configurations are available for the CustomLine CL470:


Configuration: BASIC FULL


Tour-seat with Tour-padding

CL-backrest with foam padding and comfortable cover

Luggage spider

Adjustable Slide-footrest with pedales

Prepared for steering incl. all fixtures

Tour-seat with Tour-padding

CL-backrest with foam padding and comfortable cover

Waterproof bulkhead with rubber hatch in the rear

Luggage spider in front

Single Paddler possibility

Art.Nr.: 110210 110230




Made in Germany


#110210 BASIC

#110230 FULL


Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    476 cm

  • Width

    76 cm

  • Weight

    ab 35 kg

  • Cockpit


  • Volume

    560 L

  • Capacity

    250 kg

  • Paddlerweight

    60-120 kg


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
  • > Steering Mountings