V-Shape L boat cart

The V-Shape L is a one-piece boat cart made of stainless steel, specially designed for slim kayaks with seakayak type keel
line and bottom. Thanks to the strong and elastic rubber band, it is mounted on the kayak within seconds. 


Place the cart under your kayak, stretch the rubber band over the kayak and connect it with the hook - done!


Optimized for the transport from the car to the water or a portage during the trip. The lengthwise rubberized stems keep the kayak safely and without slipping on the trolley. 


It consist of alltogether 3 parts - a one-piece body and two wheels - which makes assembling and disassembling very easy. The wheels can easily be dismounted by a push-button. By shortening the rubber bands you can adopt the cart individually to your kayak.



"V-Shape L" wheel size: 27 x 6 cm


Material Wheel size Weight Capacity
Stainless steel 27  x 6 cm 2,6 kg 100 kg



Made in Germany