Seayak Junior PRO

The SEAYAK Junior is the seakayak for kids par excellence!


Length of the kayak, width, the size of the cockpit and the ergonomics have been perfectly adapted to suit the needs of children and teenagers. Thanks to its balanced riding qualities, it can keep up well with longer and larger boats, even over longer distances.


Equipped with a rear waterproof bulkhead, a roundabout leash and a decknet in front of the cockpit. Prepared for rudder K I 90524.


A foam key in the bow ensures additional bouancy and safety.

 The combination of a well padded seat, backbelt and thigh braces offers a maximum of comfort!



Made in Germany




Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    383 cm

  • Width

    56 cm

  • Weight

    18 kg

  • Cockpit

    1 (81 cm)

  • Volume

    235 Liter

  • Capacity

    60 kg

  • Paddlerweight

    35-55 kg

  • Storage back

    56 L


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
  • > Perimeter line
  • > Steering Mountings