Float bags

Float bags prevent a kayak from filling with water after emergency exit.


They provide a buoyancy or upthrust that opposes the weight of a partially or fully immersed kayak and provide extra stiffness for the hull.

Prijon floatation bags are available for all whitewater kayaks, some touring kayaks and canoes.


We are offering our float bags in two versions:


Nylon, red PVC, blue
Very robust, durable and long-lasting Very flexible, adaptable to nearly all hull shapes

Float bags come per piece (if not otherwise mentioned). Sizes as in table below.


Made in Europe

Size Quantity Name ⇒ PVC, blue NYLON, red
    Fits ⇓ Art.Nr. Art.Nr.
1 pce. Front: Wizard, Athlete, F 262 60303 60403
2 pce. Front: Beast, Cocaine, Curve 2.5, Curve 3.0, Curve Creek, Cali, Pure S/M/XL, Forte, Chopper, Munga, Pike, 60301 60401
3 pce. Front: Tornado, Taifun 60305 60405
4 pce. Rear: All Curve Active/Sport, Forte Active, All Pure Active, Wizard 60304 60404
5 pce. Rear: Chopper, Cross 60302 60402
6 pce. Rear: Tornado, Taifun 60306 60406
7 pair Rear: Beast, Pike, Party Pike, Athlete 60308 60408
9 pce. Rear: Forte PRO 60314 60414
10 pce. Rear: Cocaine PRO, Curve 2.5 PRO, Curve 3.0 Pro, Curve Creek PRO   60315 60415
11 pce. Rear: 2B 60310  
  pce. AIR-Pack float bag, Nylon, with drybag for ww-kayaks   60409
  pair Float bags for Canoes 3,2m 60207  
  pce. Float bag for CustomLine, front, all models 60316