Flex Spraydeck

Light, high-quality spraydecks made of stretchy Nylon material with waterproof lamination. The big advantage of these decks is their perfect fit due to their neoprene-like stretchability, as well as their very light weight and small pack size.


The advantage of the stretchable FLEX-Nylon material certainly is its light weight and pack size. Still these spraydecks have very good hold on the boat, but their mechanic durability cannot be compared to Neoprene.




(external length)

Cockpit size

(Prijon specific)

S/M 81-88 cm 1, 3 74500
L/XL 88-94 cm 2, 3, 4 74550
XXL 95-102 cm 4, 5,  74600


Made in Europe





Cockpit size overview:


Cockpit size Kayak model
1 Seayak Junior, Lavie
2 Grizzly, Seayak 520 HV, Seayak 500 LV, Dayliner L, Dayliner Duo, Poseidon
3 Skegyak HTP, PriLite Skegyak, Neptun, PriLite Marlin, PriLite Marlin LV, Seayak Classic, Falcon, Barracurda RS, Marlin LV Laminat, Proteus, Millenium Evo, Narva, Touryak 470, Dayliner S, Yukon K2 Sport, Piave
4 Enduro 450, Enduro 380, Touryak 500, Excursion Evo
5 CustomLine CL 370 & CL 490