Dry bag yellow-black

Prijon dry bag yellow-black line - waterproof dry bags


Drybags with shoulderstrap!

Sturdy Nylon material with adjustable carrying strap.


These waterproof drybags are made of high qualitative materials and clsoed with our PRIJON roll-click-closure-system.

Thanks to the robust material they're very solid and easy to load. 

The adjustable and detachable shoulder strap enables you to carry it with in a comfortable way every time.


An essential accessorie for every paddler!


Available in different sizes, from 5 L - e.g. for a digicam or an energy bar - up to 40 L - e.g. for the luggage of a longer trip.


Size split: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 Liter.

Made in Europe


#44050: 5 L

#further numbers see table


Name Color Volume Art.Nr.
Dry bag yellow/black 5 L 44050
Dry bag yellow/black 10 L 44051
Dry bag yellow/black 15 L 44052
Dry bag yellow/black 20 L 44053
Dry bag yellow/black 30 L 44054
Dry bag yellow/black 40 L 44055

Warning: We are not responsible for damage on your products, due to water in the dry bag. No liability for damages. We recommend to check the dry bag for its water tighness before every use.