The GRIZZLY is our new, fast, safe and a great load carrier. Made for long trips with a lot of luggage.


It is fast, tracking well and agile on the edges. The GRIZZLY offers a lot of volume, a huge storage space and a very spacious cockpit, which is comfortable especially for taller paddlers.

The high volume is also a further safety aspect when touring at sea.


A spacious kayak for long trips or big paddlers!


It is equipped with:


- Touring seat system (position of seat individually adjustable)
- 3D Touring thigh brace (adjustable in three dimensions)
- Slide footrest (individually adjustable)
- Two waterproof bulkheads with PE-hatches
- Bungee deck riggings (e.g. for bilge pump)
- Day-hatch within reach in front of the cockpit
- Roundabout-leash, for mounting bags and pockets
- Paddleholder, for installung an outrigger with the Paddlefloat for re-entering
- Spare-paddle holder
- Anti-theft device
- Towline
- Additional hooks and eyes (e.g. for attaching map sleeves or deck bags)
- Prepared for steering

Made in Germany





Yellow Grizzlys have red roundabout leashes, bungee deck riggings and bindings of the seat and thigh padding.


Red and limegreen Grizzlys are equipped with yellow roundabout leashes, bungee deck riggings and bindings of the seat and thigh padding.


Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    518 cm

  • Width

    61 cm

  • Weight

    28 kg

  • Cockpit

    2 (92cm)

  • Volume

    ca. 395 L

  • Capacity

    160 kg

  • Paddlerweight

    80 - 120 kg


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
  • > Deck-Box
  • > Perimeter line
  • > Steering Mountings