Traveller Nylon Spraydeck

Very durable and robust, universally usable spraydeck for beginners, advanced paddlers and rental stations.


The spraydeck TRAVELLER is made from soft and light but at the same time sturdy Nylon material. All seams are welded. Its robust plate is even reinforced with a bar and offers you a net bag with reflective stripes for increased safety at night.

Its comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps can be taken off.

Available in two colors: black/orange and black/grey and several sizes.


Cockpit size Color / Art.Nr.
  black/orange black/grey
Size 1 (81cm) 74210 74260
Size 2 (92cm 74220 74270
Size 3 (88cm) 74230 74280
Size 4 (94cm) 74240 74290
Size 5 (100cm) 74250 74300
Size 7 (110cm) 74255 74310
Size 11 74245 74295

Made in Europe


#further numbers see table


Technical Data
  • Material



Size Type of kayak
1 (81cm) Seayak Junior
2 (92cm Munga, Seayak 520 HV, Seayak 500 LV, Dayliner L, Dayliner Duo, Poseidon
3 (88cm) Skegyak HTP, PriLite Skegyak, Neptun, PriLite Marlin, PriLite Marlin LV, Seayak Classic, Falcon, Barracurda RS, Marlin LV Laminat, Proteus, Millenium Evo, Narva, Touryak 470, Dayliner S, Yukon K2 Sport, Piave
4 (94cm) Grizzly, Enduro 450, Enduro 380, Touryak 500, Excursion Evo
5 (100cm) CL 370, CL 490
7 (110cm) CL 430 
11 Seatron GT