Nylon Hatch cover

The Nylon hatch cover protects your kayak during it is stored or transported. It also transforms your kayak into an additional trunk, on the roof of your car. Protecting the inside of your kayak is a huge advantage when transporting it on the roof of your car. A hatch cover, like our Nylon one, reduces the wind resistance, driving noise and saves fuel. It is also perfect for closing the kayak during storing it. By doing so, the inside is always dry and clean.


It is made of PVC-laminateed material.


The Nylon hatch cover is available in different hatch sizes:


Size Cockpit length Color Art.Nr.
1 81cm yellow 78081
2 92cm  yellow 78090
3 88cm  yellow 78035
4 94cm  yellow 78091
5 100cm  yellow 78095
6 Open red 78180
7 110cm yellow 78020
10 Open red 78190
11   yellow 78092



Made in Europe


#further numbers see table


Technical Data
  • Material



Which size fits on which model?


Size Cockpit length Kayak model
1 81cm Seayak Junior, Lavie
2 92cm Grizzly, Seayak 520 HV, Seayak 500 LV, Dayliner L, Dayliner Duo, Poseidon, Touryak 470 LV
3 88cm Skegyak HTP, PriLite Skegyak, Neptun, PriLite Marlin, PriLite Marlin LV, Seayak Classic, Falcon, Barracurda RS, Marlin LV Laminat, Proteus, Millenium Evo, Narva, Dayliner S, Yukon K2 Sport, Piave
4 94cm Enduro 450, Enduro 380, Touryak 500, Excursion Evo
5 100cm CustomLine CL 370 & CL 490
6 Open Yukon K2 Relax
7 110cm CustomLine CL 430
10 Open CustomLine CL 470
11   Seatron GT