Boat Cart DayTourer L

The Daytourer boat cart is equipped with a strong elastic/bungee tie-down strap and can be attached to the boat within seconds. Perfect for a short transport from the car to water or for short portages! Very small packing size.


Day Tourer L

Large version of the ingenious Day Tourer. This boat cart is mounted at the rear of the kayak. The basic frame is a bit wider (compared to the small Daytourer), so that it can be mounted a bit further towards the middle of the boat. The Day Tourer L is eqipped with larger wheels, so that it rolls more easily. Simplest handling! 


Dismountable in three pieces for a minimum pack size.

Material Wheel size Weight Load capacity
Stainless steel 27 x 6 cm 2,0 kg 100 kg




Made in Germany




Technical Data
  • Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Weight

    2,0 kg

  • Capacity

    100 kg