Python whitewater paddle

Unique optic – unforeseen stiffness!


The new whitewater paddle from Prijon! Press-laminated with foam core.

This new foam core, which divides itself in two bars, guarantees maximum stiffness and a best possible power transimission into the water.


Due to the big blade and the deep grooving, the PYTHON offers you a lot of pressure, especially when paddling with a high angle. An immediate pressure when putting the blade into the water is guaranteed, thanks to the blade being a little bit bent to the front. 


By this, the point of pressure is a little bit in front of the hand on the shaft. so that you can pull the paddle backwards and generate maximum propulsion. 

Thanks to the stabilising rib in the middle of the blade, the PYTHON always sits stable in the water during paddling.

It paddles completely stable without wobbling or flattering, and enables you to make exact strokes. 


Available in GRP in yellow and red and Carbon.

Made in Europe




Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length

    195 - 207,5 cm


Name Material Color Shaft Art.Nr.
PYTHON GRP red straight 332000
PYTHON GRP yellow straight 370000
PYTHON CARBON Carbon straight 330000
PYTHON CARBON Carbon Ergo/bent 333000E

Available in standard whitewater lengths:

195 / 197,5 / 200 / 202,5 / 205 / 207,5cm


Standard feather angle: 45° right, left on demand.


Blade size: 48 x 22 cm