NEWS 2019

Prijon is a very innovative company and has developed several new products for 2019. Here's an overview about all our innovations for this season:


  GRIZZLY - Seakayak for long trips with a lot of luggage


Heavy load seakayak, fast and well-tracking, with a lot of volume and load. Increased rocker compared to the Kodiak, therefore more agile on the edges. A spacious kayak for long trips. Peferct also for tall and heavy paddlers.





NEPTUN - The first laminated seakayak with skeg from Prijon



Agile and fast seakayak. When skeg collapsed, very agile on the edge; when skeg folded out, fast and well-tracking. Equipped with completely collapsable skeg, tour-seat with padded back-belt and SeaDog-footrest.





PRILITE SENJA - Fast and well-tracking seatourer


A fast and well-tracking seatourer for leight to medium weight paddlers. A versatile kayak for a fast trip across the lake and longer tours with luggage. 





MUNGA - Crossover kayak


Super-agile skeg-kayak for the use on whitewater up to class 3, calm rivers and lakes. Equipped with a skeg, tour-seat with whitewater back-belt, bulkhead with rubber hatch in the rear, day hatch in front, bulkhead footrest, 3D thigh braces and whitewater handles.





Whitewater-version "Sport"


Starting from 2019 our whitewater kayaks are available in the new version "Sport". A Sport-version is equipped with a PRO-seat-system with hip pads and backbelt with ratchet system. Plus 3D thigh braces and bulkhead footrest.

- Without bottom rail and foams -

ACTIVE-models are dicontinued!





TRAVELLER - Nylon spraydeck


Nylonspraydecks with bar, net bag with reflective stripes in front.
Available in two colors: black/orange and black/grey.
Cockpit sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus CL 370/490 and CL 430/Cruiser.





KUPA - whitewater-helmet


Superlight Polycarbonat-shell, the helmet weighs only 320 g. Steplessly adjustable from 54 to 61 cm. Estimated to be available in two colors, starting from february 2019.





ESERA - Allround injection molded paddle


Robust allround paddle with a slight midrib, in the well-known BORA-quality. Available from february 2019 in two colors: mango and blue. Fixed length or PaddLock-division.





FASHION - Dry bag / rucksack


Waterproof, trendy rucksack in a fashionable design. Euipped with padded shoulder straps and a roll-click closure.Very robust and handy!





MASTER BAG - Dry bags in new colorway


Additionaly to our dry bag Masterbag in black/grey we offer these established bags also in black/orange, starting from spring 2019.





DECKMASTER M and L - Deckbags in new colorway


These popular deckbags will be available in the new colorway black/orange in 2019, too.





DRYBAG- New drybags with shoulder strap; in yellow


Robust nylon-material with adjustable shoulder strap. Available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 und 40 Liter.







These products are discontinued:


Kayaks: Kodiak and Kodiak Active, Capri I, Seayak Active, Laguna, Alborea


Accessories: Paddel Tara, Paddel Godzilla, Paddel Passat, Paddel Sunshine,MultiBag transparent, Drybag flat red,
Spraydeck Universal, Spraydeck black/yellow, Spraydeck red (partly), Hatch cover with bag, Deckbag Seayak, Paddlebag, Glasses, Motorholder Torqeedo.