Kappa whitewater paddle

The ultimate whitewater paddle!


The Kappa is a whitewater paddle with an increased blade to shaft offset. This blade forward design gives you a more powerful catch and enables you to an even higher angle through the power phase. In turbulent conditions its greater dihedral stabilizes the paddle during powerful forward strokes. 


Ultimate performance and a best possible power transmission is offered by the stiff blades with foam core. We’ve optimized materials and manufacturing techniques to obtain a lower weight of the blades while they remain strong and provide a comfortable flex.


Two blade sizes available to fit every whitewater paddler.

Available in Glassfiber (2 colors) and carbon. Along with carbon bent and glassfiber straight shafts, blade size "WMN" comes with a 29mm glassfiber shaft, the normal blade size comes with a 31mm glassfiber shaft.

Made in Europe




Model Size Material Color Shaft & Ø Art.Nr. Price in €
KAPPA   Glassfiber red straight 31mm 348000 289,00
KAPPA   Glassfiber yellow straight 31mm 349000 289,00
KAPPA   Carbon Carbon straight 31mm 347000 320,00
KAPPA   Carbon Carbon bent 29,5mm 347000E 499,00
KAPPA WMN Glassfiber red straight 29mm 367000 289,00
KAPPA WMN Glassfiber yellow straight 29mm 368000 289,00
KAPPA WMN Carbon Carbon straight 29mm 369000 320,00
KAPPA WMN Carbon Carbon bent 29,5mm 369000E 499,00

Available in standard whitewater lengths:

195 / 197,5 / 200 / 202,5 / 205 / 207,5cm


Feather angle standard 45° right,

also left or other feather angles possible.


Blade size:

  • Kappa: 714cm²
  • Kappa WMN: 665cm²