HTP-kayaks from PRIJON are made according to latest standards in our factory in Rosenheim. More than 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing of products for the kayak sport are incorporated in your kayak. Permanent quality checks during the production guarantee a constant quality. More than 80% of our components mounted in our kayaks are made by ourselves or by suppliers located in a radius of max 100k around Rosenheim. This ensures important jobs in our region for our workers as well as the workers of our suppliers and guarantees high quality and short transport ways. The value chain stays in the country. An experienced team of paddlers, lead by slalom world champion Toni Prijon, is permanently testing new models and making them ready for production. A lot of ideas from customers - paddlers like you - are incorporated. Finally all our models are produced here in Rosenheim, using our world wide unique material HTP.  


+ Blowmolded HTP is strikingly more break-proof than other boat-materials 
+ The molecule chains are 10x longer (compared to e.g. rotated PE), therefore our material cannot crack
+ It contains a high percentage of recyclable materials
+ Life-long redemption guarantee and 5 years guarantee on the hull
Our accessories for paddlers are designed together with our partners, to get the best possible results and fulfill the highest needs regarding quality and function. At PRIJON we develop and make most accessories where possible. Where we need to acquire accessories elsewhere we source them from either local companies or neighbouring countries for several reasons, including reduced transport costs and impact, greater control over quality assurance and local employment creation. There a continuous quality management and best possible service level is guaranteed for both kayaks and accessories.