The HORTON 16 is a classic expedition and recreation canoe, combining a big load capacity with speed. Its length and moderate rocker invite you to relaxed tours on lakes and calm rivers.


This canoe is fast, easy to maneuver and very stable. The HORTON 16 is made of the unique Armerlite-material. It is enormously stiff, robust and light. The complex sandwhich construction offers additional stiffness.


Cockpit rim made of aluminum, equipped with valuable webseats incl. ash-frame.



The HORTON 16 is available in red, as double- and triple-seater.




Length:   488 cm
Width:   92 cm
Height:   48 cm
Weight:   28 kg
Material:   Armerlite
Load capacity:   450 kg




Info about the material:


Armerlite is a thermo-composite material, consisting of weaved glass and polypropylene-fibres.

The layers are put exactly into the form and covered with a vacuum cover. During the warming the polypropylene melts around the glassfibers and gets compacted non-porously under vacuum.

After the cooling, the stiff, durable and light canoe-hull is finished. The honeycomb bottom panel offers excellent stiffness and additional buoyancy.




     + Stiff and light, offering the durability of a plastic-canoe

     + Improved speed and acceleration

     + Easier to carry



We would like to point out that HORTON hulls will not stay on the surface without additional buoyancy in case of capsizing.

We recommend the installation of additional flotation bags as follows:


In case of capsize, the Horton sinks without extra flotation. These are available separately:



Made of strong Nylon-Fabric with rubber bungee, netting and karabiners

to be attached to the premounted fittings in the Prijon HORTON.

Pair: Art.Nr. 60410  (just ask your dealer for a quotation)



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