We offer an attractive range of laminated BORINO paddles. The slightly profiled paddleblades with foam core are very stiff and light and distinguish themself by a valuable optic. Available as Glassfiber-version in red and yellow as well as premium carbon.


Smaller paddlers and women will like the low weight and the easy guidance in the water as much as ambitious paddlers on longer tours.

Thanks to its low weight and the slim blades, both an energy-saving technique and an endurance orientated paddling with a higher frequency is possible.


Made in Europe




Name Material Shaft Division Color Art.Nr. Lengths
BORINO Glassfiber straight   red 338000  
BORINO Glassfiber straight   yellow 362000  
BORINO Glassfiber straight Paddlock red 338000TS Paddlock
BORINO Glassfiber straight Paddlock yellow 362000TS Paddlock
BORINO Carbon straight   Carbon 339000  
BORINO Carbon straight Paddlock Carbon 339000TS Paddlock
BORINO Carbon Ergo/bent   Carbon 339000E  
BORINO Carbon Ergo/bent Paddlock Carbon 339000ETS Paddlock

Blade size:

  • 50 x 15,5 cm
  • 562m²


Weight at 215 cm length:

  • Borino glass: from 835g
    Borino carbon: from 735g


Available lengths:

A - 215, 220, 225, 230 and 240cm

PaddLock - 210, 220, 230 and 240cm