Nylon black-yellow

The spraydeck in black-yellow is made of soft, light Nylon material. Equipped with a pocket at the front of the chimney, welded seams and removable shoulder straps.


Simple spraydecks for touring on domestic waterways, to protect against spray and rain. This model is favourably priced, but does not have as firm a grip on the boat as the FLEX- and Neoprene models.



Size 1 (81 cm) 74050
Size 2 (92 cm) 74040
Size 3 (88 cm) 74030
Size 4 (94 cm) 74060
Size 5 Custom Line CL 370 / 490 (100 cm) 74070





Size 1

Seayak junior, Capri II vorne

Size 2

Excursion, Kodiak, Capri I, Capri II hinten, Calabria, Touryak, Seayak 500 / 520, 

Dayliner L, Poseidon

Size 3 Dayliner S, Seayak, Motion, Marlin, Barracuda RS,Millenium, Proteus, Piave, Laguna, Alborea, Yukon K II, Touryak LV, Marlin LV, Altamar
Size 4

Yukon Expedition, Touryak 500, Excursion EVO

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Nylon black-yellow