The first ever crossover kayak from Prijon with Skeg!


Your allround Prijon-kayak! Made for a relaxed trip on a lake or whitewater up to class 3. This kayak enables you to experience the whole range of paddling! 

It is shaped like a whitewater-kayak, with touring features. This makes it easy to paddle and thanks to it's length of nearly 3m incredibly fast. 

As the bottom is shaped like a whitewaterkayak, the Munga is very agile and versatile.



Made for multi-day trips through canyons, on small rivers and across calm lakes!


The waterproof bulkhead in the rear and the day hatch in front offer enough storage for your next adventure. On calm waters the skeg can be used to make the Munga well-tracking. Paddling straight becomes a child's play!

The Munga is equipped with a comfortable seat system, constisting of the established tour seat, an adjustable whitewater back belt with ratchets and individually adjustable 3D-thihg braces - which guarantees an optimum contact and an easy entry and exit. The bulkhead footrest offers an excellent hold and safety. 

Made in Germany




Equipment in detail:


  • Fully collapsable, foldout skeg system
  • Tour-seat with whitewater backbelt with ratchet adjustment
  • Waterproof bulkhead with oval rubber hatch in the rear
  • Waterproof day hatch in front
  • Adjustable bulkhead footrest
  • Individually adjustable 3D-thigh-braces
  • Whitewater handles

Available from April 2019


Paddling characteristics:


  • Tracking: 2 (folded out Skeg: 8)
  • Agility: 10 (folded out Skeg: 5)
  • Stability: 7
  • Speed: 2 (folded out Skeg: 3)


Technical Data
  • Material


  • Length


  • Width


  • Weight


  • Cockpit

    L (86x51 cm)

  • Volume

    ca. 310L

  • Capacity


  • Paddlerweight

    60 - 110kg


Handling characteristics
  • Tracking

  • Agility

  • Stability

  • Speed


Equipment characteristics
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